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Alabama estate administration, probate of wills, probate of testate & intestate estates

This page provides information about Alabama estate administration, probate of wills, and the probate of testate & intestate estates.

Estate Administration in Alabama

The passing of a loved one is one is difficult enough without the stress of not knowing what happens next with the loved ones assets, bills and debts. Does your loved one's estate need to be probated? What happens to the loved ones bills, property, life insurance, etc? 

Frank Ward has helped people just like you through the process of probating a loved one's will, or opening a probate estate when the loved one has passed without leaving a will.  He knows the process of opening and administering an estate in the probate court can be intimidating.  He can shepherd you through the process of probating your loved ones estate, including filing all the necessary petitions, inventories, and other probate court documents.  He can assist you with the process of securing the estate's property and dealing creditors of the estate.  He can guide you through settling with creditors, distributing the assets of the estate, and closing the estate.  Alabama's probate process in not nearly so daunting when you have someone there to provide you with guidance at every step along the way.

Mr. Ward can help answer your questions and more.  Give him a call today.