Alabama DUI Diversion Participants Must Install Ignition Interlock Devices Under New Law


Frank Ward is a lawyer based out of Huntsville, Alabama, and practicing throughout North Alabama.  His practice focuses on DUI defense, driver license issues, expungement of criminal records, as well as, estate planning and probate.

The Alabama Legislature has passed Senate Bill 1, a bill Ward Law, LLC has been following closely. See prior posts on Senate Bill 1, here and here. Senate Bill 1, expands the number of people who will be required to install ignition interlock devices on their vehicles in Alabama. Under the new law, ignition interlock devices will now be imposed on DUI pretrial diversion program participants who have not even been convicted of DUI, but merely accused.  The length of the requirement will be the longer of six months or the length of the diversion program. The upshot of the new law is that more money will find its way into the hands of ignition interlock providers while the burden of administering the new law will fall upon Alabama's already overworked court system and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.